MSEF Code of Conduct Contract

Fill out 1 for Each Participant

2016 – 2017

As a member of the Missoula Ski Team:

  • 1.     I will act courteous and cooperative to all coaches, gatekeepers, parents, officials, employees, volunteers and customers and management of the ski area.
  • 2.     I will not use profane language at anytime.
  • 3.     I will respect and properly use the equipment and facilities of the ski area.  I will not steal equipment that does not belong to me.
  • 4.     I will follow the rules of the ski area at all times.  I will ski under control, at a safe speed so as not to scare or endanger other skiers.  
  • 5.      I will obey all posted mountain signs and all verbal or written instructions received from the ski patrol, coaches, or area employees or management of the ski area.
  • 6.      I will not be involved with any damaging or illegal activity such as shoplifting, obscene or prank phone calls, destruction of property, etc.
  • 7.      I will not use illegal drugs, abuse prescription drugs, or use any banned performance-enhancing drugs or supplements.  As a minor, I will not drink alcohol.
  • 8.      Off the slopes, I will remain aware of the safety of my friends and associates.  I will not engage in dangerous horseplay, snowball fights, or hooky bobbing.
  • 9.      I will maintain a clean and neat appearance at all times so as to promote myself, the Missoula Ski Team and the community.
  • 10.    I will not loan or fraudulently use my season pass or lift ticket. I will follow the rules of the ski area in regards to day passes.
  • 11.    I will not cut the lift lines. I will be respectful to others in lift lines and show my pass courteously to the lift attendant as asked to do so.  
  • 12.    I will load and unload the ski lifts only at staffed and open lift ramps. I will stay on the track of the T-bar.
  • 13.    I will respect and honor all MSEF policies developed by the board or coaching staff.
  • 14.    I will handle all borrowed equipment with respect and appreciation.
  • 15.    I will handle my financial obligations to the ski community in a responsible manner.
  • 16.    I will take responsibility for my actions. I understand that any damage I cause either directly or indirectly is my responsibility. If damage is done, I will reimburse property owners, hotel management, ski areas, or ski clubs for any loss incurred because of my actions.
  • 17.    I will set a positive role model for all my fellow teammates (older and younger) by acting in a polite, respectful, and positive manner.



I understand that as a member of MSEF and while wearing a MST jacket, I have a responsibility to set a positive example and be a good citizen. I fully understand that any infringement of the 17 Code of Conduct rules set forth above may result in disciplinary action in the form of suspension or dismissal from MSEF programs.


First Violation: Warning

Second Violation:  Suspension from the next scheduled race or program date.

Third Violation:  Dismissal from the Missoula Ski Team without refund of fees.


In addition, I understand that a violation of rule 3 (stealing equipment or property) or violation of rule 7 (using illegal drugs, abusing prescription drugs, or drinking alcohol as a minor), will result in immediate dismissal with no refund of monies paid to MSEF.


I have read, understand, and agree to comply with the MSEF Code of Conduct.  I also understand and acknowledge that, if disciplined, I may appeal before the MSEF Board of Directors at the next scheduled monthly meeting.


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